Thursday, November 24, 2022

Articles on

I've just added a new section to the Road To Grammar website: Articles.

This section features short articles to help English learners with language points. There is a series called Nuance, which explores the subtleties of English. There is also a series called Exploring Words, which looks at common words and how they are used. Later, I'll add some articles aimed at English teachers.

As of now, there are five articles to read with more coming soon.

You can get to the section by clicking ARTICLES on the top menu of any page of Road To Grammar, or you can go there directly using this link:

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

RECALL: Practice grammar through reading

I have just posted a series of ten reading activities on Road to Grammar, called RECALL.

The objective of  RECALL is to get learners to pay attention to grammar and sentence structure while reading.

To do this, I have provided short texts, each of which are followed by simple questions on grammar and sentence structure.

These activities are suitable for CEFR level B1-B2.

Try RECALL here:


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