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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Non-English Speakers in the US

Ever wondered how many people don’t speak English at home in the US? I did, so I pulled some stats from and came up with my own infographic.

Big language communities

Languages spoken by over one million people at home in the US (2007):

Spanish:              34.5 million
Chinese:              2.46 million
French:                1.98 million                 (includes Patois, Cajun, Creole)
Tagalog:              1.48 million
Vietnamese:       1.2 million
German:              1.1 million
Korean:               1.06 million

Integration the into English-speaking world

Languages spoken by fewer people in the US in 2007, compared to 1980:


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Complete and Incomplete Sentences

There's a new activity up on RoadToGrammar Jr today.

"Understanding Complete Sentences" should be suitable for young learners, in the K-2 range or slightly older if they have English as their second language.

As with all activities on Road to Grammar, it is presented in a straightforward and clear manner. There are two different activities on the topic, answers are always available and there are six pages of notes.

It's formatted to work nicely on a smartboard in the class.

The direct URL is

Here is a preview:

New Quiz: YOUR and YOU'RE

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