Sunday, May 20, 2007

Road To Grammar Junior

Following suggestions from several elementary school teachers, R2G presents ... Road To Grammar Junior!

The original site contains references to alcohol and contains vocabulary and examples unsuited to younger learners. Now teachers need worry no more! Road To Grammar Jr a version of Road To Grammar that has been cleaned up and made more attractive to younger learners.

Basically, the junior site should be suitable for up to age 13, and the main site should be suitable for those older than that. However, some discretion is advised.

Road To Grammar Jr can be found here:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Even Dictionaries Make Grammar Mistakes?

A friend pointed out this sentence from the CD-ROM of the Cambridge Advanced Learners' Dictionary:

Understand (KNOW) 5 understand one another/each other When two people understand one another, they both know what the other means and wants and they have an agreement: Both sides must try to understand one another, to recognise each others' rights, feelings and beliefs. See also understanding (AGREEMENT).

Can you spot the mistake? The apostrophe is in the wrong place. According to

The possessive forms of each other and one another are written each other's
and one another's: The boys wore each other's (not each others') coats. They had
forgotten one another's (not one anothers') names.

Tut tut, Cambridge.

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