Monday, December 18, 2017


Here is an interesting English word: loot

We use the word loot in English to describe something that was stolen.

The word loot is originally from India. It is a Hindi word with
Sanskrit roots. The word loot can be a noun, referring to something
stolen or taken without permission. It can also be a verb, to loot. We
also have the word 'looter' -  a person who loots.

When used as a verb, it means to go into a place and steal everything that you can. Think of a bank robber going into a bank and grabbing
all the money. We also specifically use it for the situation where,
after a hurricane or other emergency, people have to leave town and
thieves come in to steal while the town is empty. We call these people

In slang English, we use the word loot in a playful way. For example,
if a kid returns from Halloween trick or treating with a bag full of
candy, he might call it his 'loot'.

Loot is not such a common word. You won''t hear it every day, but I
bet that if you watch a movie about a bank robbery, you'll hear it a

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