Saturday, April 23, 2016

BING BONG: New Word Game

Road to Grammar is pleased to announce a new word game: BING BONG. You can play it here:

Or get it for your Android device here:

This is a simple game very well-suited to ESL Learners. You are given a five-letter word but only shown the first and last letters. You have to guess the middle letters each from a set of two options:

You win when you guess the complete word. You get between 10-100 points depending on how many tries you needed. You get an additional 200-point bonus after every five rounds. You get a chance to view the meaning each word you guess.

As you finish more levels, you will get longer words and you will need to beat a timer. Why not see if you can get a high score?

This game can be played on a smartphone or tablet. If you are looking for a more challenging version (not recommended for ESL learners), try the original version here:

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