Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A story of two worms

I was discussing the homeless problem with a friend and whether people became homeless as a result of bad luck or bad choices and my friend told me a story. I just wanted to share the story with you, since it struck me that it would be an excellent short reading passage for ESL teachers to use:

The Story of Two Worms

Two worms were together on a leaf. A gust of wind blew them both off. One landed in a muddy puddle and the other on a dry sidewalk. The one in the muddy puddle had plenty to drink and all the nutrients it needed to grow strong. The other nearly shrivelled to death. Again the wind blew and the two worms ended up together again. The worm that came from the puddle said to the other, "I owe my success to intelligence, hard work and charm." 

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